Martini Birthday

Oh boy, did I have fun today! I was sort of procrastinating on this one, but I *had* to get it done today and then inspiration hit me! Thankfully! 'Bout time, lol! But...I think that ultimately, it was well worth the wait, and I hope you do, too!

This is a 40th birthday card for a co-worker. She turns 40 on Tuesday and of course, we're doing it up for her. I've never been asked to make a card for anyone at work, but they know I make cards and this was a special occasion.

I did everything in Inkscape and SCAL. The "40" font is Showcard Gothic. The "you're not" is 1 BeanSprout DNA. That one was really tricky to cut. I welded the "40" in Inkscape and then created the three additional layers. I could have done this in SCAL alone, but I wanted to size everything and make sure it looked pleasing to me before cutting. Similarly, I could have typed, welded, and shadowed the "you're not" in SCAL alone.

I thought I had some martini paper, but after reorganizing my paper on Saturday, I couldn't find it. Boo hoo! So I was contemplating whether I should just make a martini glass and if so, out of what, and then it hit me! Why not a 3-D martini glass? I have GBC plastic covers...they're pretty thick, but they cut with my Cricut using multi-cut. But how to design the glass so that it sticks out but is still adhered to the card? Maybe if there are a couple of tabs on each end, they can be inserted through the card and folded so they stay put? to Inkscape to design the glass.

Hmm....wonder what I could use to make it look sort of like there's a drink inside? I have transparencies...I could print the glass on a transparency and cut it out. If it has the same curve as the glass, it should more or less stay put. But I could put an olive in there, too, and maybe somehow camoflauge any adhesive I use to keep the "liquid" in place. And hey...look...I have this paper that looks kind of like a toothpick so I can just cut this sliver, stick it on a green oval so it looks like it's coming out of the oval, cut a tiny red oval and voila -- olive on a toothpick!

So anyway...this is the final card. I really had fun making this. Now I have to figure out how to make a 1" thick envelope to accommodate the glass!

Oh! The inside of the card says "You're 22 with 18 years of experience! Happy Birthday!" I really hope she likes it!



Scrappy said...

your so creative! I love this card what a neat idea and I think she is going to love it too! Who wouldn't!!!!

Sheri said...

You are impressing the heck out of me! Very cute card!!!

scrappyandpiggy said...

Love it and I mean love it! I don't think I could give that one away

scrappyandpiggy said...

Love it and I mean love it! I don't think I could give that one away

Heather said...

Awesome Heather!!!

~Christina~ said...

This is quite possibly the most fabulous thing you've ever done!!! At least the most creative idea with that darn glass for sure!!! FABULOUS

Dschrader said...

I love this!!!!!! How creative of you! I signed up for your friends group! Thanks for posting that info! I also downloaded your cut little valentine treat box! Thanks for that as well! I love your cards!

Jen said...

Super cute idea!!

Anonymous said...

what a great card. I bet it was a hit! Would it be possible to get the cut file for the glass?

Lynn said...

Now, if I can learn to use inkscape and come up with things like this, I'll be happy. So appreciate all your help.

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